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10 Uniquely PLQ mall

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

What Difference Can Another Mall Make?

At a glimpse, some would say it’s ‘just another mall that’s near the MRT’, or ‘there’s too many shopping Malls in Singapore!”

When PLQ Mall finally officially opened on 31 August 2019, we were excited to witness the unveiling of the much awaited ‘in construction’ building after months of suspense and ‘traffic nuisance’ it has caused many of us working in the neighbourhood.

At a glimpse, some would say it’s ‘just another mall that’s near the MRT’, or ‘there’s too many shopping Malls in Singapore!”

Since we had the privilege of tasting the fruits earlier than many, we figured we should share our experience quickly so that you can decide if you are going to make the attempt the grab or MRT over, or leave it for the occasional catch up with a friend this side of the world (Let us know so we can share the places to check out to chill out with friends nearby).

1. More Than Meets The Eye

One of the most talked is going to be the ‘Singapore Street’ where shoppers get a refreshing break and bond with their loved ones while reminiscing the history of Singapore. This reminded us of the graffiti in Penang, and also the Singapore Street food court at the Changi Airport, first to be matched in the middle of a mall. We foresee that not just locals but also tourists will be seen here in the near future, given its close proximity to the airport.

Good stop to host overseas friends who may have just a short stay over!

2. Beyond Expectations

We are happy to say that the mall has exceed our expectations with its attention into small details, like lighting. The Star Wars light Sabre resemblance type of lighting all over the mall helped to create a different experience when you walk through the corridors, you look up and

you pause for awhile to admire the almost pictorial ceiling. Other details include the potted plants, wider corridors for a spacious ‘passover’, kids and elderly friendly areas.

3. Toilets

I know this is very personal, but we believe that it is extremely important for any mall to have impressive, friendly, and ACCESSIBLE toilets! We were so glad that despite the ‘size’ of the mall (it seemed big with the variety of shops), it was always easy to reach a washroom when you have the need, e.g. after a meal at the food court or restaurant. Like everything in life, it’s the little things that matter. Being thoughtful left us feeling welcomed and understood. We felt a gentle sense of belonging building already.

4. Giving Back

We love this! Instead of renting out a space for another profit making footprint,

they decided to give a special shout out to challenge for donation to the Food

Bank. A great way to lead by example towards a better world by taking the first

step. Now that they have taken the first step, we hope to see more priorities given

to a better cause. Who says it’s always just about making money?

5. Book Exchange

An interesting concept where you can bring your books here and pick up something new in exchange. There isn’t many books seen on the shelves yet, and you can also hang around to finish your favourite book of the day.

No more ‘shhhh’ and no more deadline to return your books. This is a new way of going back to the old way of things isn’t it? Make sure you bring along some books that you wish to give away when you make a trip here to make it all book-worthy!

6. Childhood memories

Is that a playground from Toa Payoh in the mall? Yes, but not what you think it is. Vibrant colours with an industrial gallery backdrop, we couldn’t resist the attraction to be drawn into the area. You get to enjoy the playground in the comfort of cool comfortable air conditioning, why not?

7. Oh! Snap!

Free polaroids for everyone? No way!

We gave it a shot, and yes it works. In fact, you will find more than one of this machine in the mall, engaging the young and old, putting a smile on your faces without much effort. Pose, snap, print, or email to yourself. With the high-tech world that we are rapidly moving into, the team definitely made sure that anyone visiting the mall is engaged in the ‘highest-way!’

8. Save The World

With mismanaged waste causing the death of up to 1 million people a year globally, it’s almost a crime to not do our part in recycling the right way. You will see a lot of these industrial designed Color coded recycling bins all around the mall to encourage us to do our part easily and conveniently.

9. New Perspectives

Again another footprint used creatively, leaving you a sense of hope and excitement on

what’s going to be the next big thing in this space. Challenging your minds to always

think out of the box into the future. One of our team value is Leadership, and it always start with the willingness to take the lead in everything, including making sacrifices for a good purpose. As you stroll around the mall, it is best to be during the times outside the peak hours, and you can slowly feed on the views and almost refreshing air-on.

10. Sheltered Bridges

We got to give this a shout out as it made our life great being connected all the way from our office in PLQ 3 to the mall, via shelter wide ventilated bridges! This affirmed us of how they valued our patronisation, just like how we always go the extra mile to serve and care for our clients. Thumbs up!


Instead of parking at the mall itself, you can consider parking at Sing Post if you have the

capital mall Amex credit card it is free for you. Other places include City Plaza shopping centre, Kinex, or the open air carpark just behind Tanjong Katong complex. You may even consider leaving your vehicle at home and take the MRT to Paya Lebar to join in the crowd!


Anytime outside the peak hours is great. Don’t forget to check out the outdoors of the mall,

which is sheltered with fountain and many bustling restaurants. There is also virgin active, wine connection, and Providore right opposite at PLQ 1 and PLQ 2 office buildings.

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